Aaron Ramsey

Arsenal need to keep hold of Aaron Ramsey, and it sounds like Unai Emery is just the guy to do that, if reports are to be believed.

Arsenal have a lot of moving pieces this summer, which can be a bit of a dicey situation for a manager, especially given that their transfer budget is only supposed to be in the £50m range, which is less than a realistic amount to enact the changes needed.

Which can mean one of two things – either sell the hell out of the team and use that money to reinvest, or try to keep hold of those necessary pieces and trust in what they can do.

Better yet – how about a middle ground of keeping anyone that you can’t get top value for and sell the rest?

Whatever the case, Aaron Ramsey is someone you want to keep hold of. Not least of all because this Arsenal midfield has a thinning stock of players that may thin more in the coming weeks, depending on the Jack Wilshere situation.

Maintaining hold of Ramsey is a crucial piece of the success of this club and Unai Emery has, reportedly, pinpointed Ramsey and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as his two cornerstones to build his new club around.

Which is rather astute of Emery, I’d say and, similarly, it is very astute of the Gunners, assuming that they saw another side-perk of Emery being that he was going to invest more in Ramsey which would, in turn, give him an added reason to stay.

There is plenty of talk about who the next captain should be, and if Emery is serious about retaining one of his cornerstones and prolonging his contract through the new manager’s stay, then handing Ramsey the captaincy is one hell of a way to do it.

It makes a lot of sense, honestly. You get a manager who wants to build around a guy that you are really intent on keeping around for the long haul. It’s just another piece of the puzzle fitting together all at once.

I’d like to think this is all a part of the Aaron Ramsey retention plan, because Lord knows we need one, and we need a manager to hold that plan together.

Worst case, this doesn’t hurt Ramsey’s potential to stay at the club. He knows his value with the club and having a manager that understands it even moreso can only mean good things.

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